Sophie Turner for Karen Millen’s 2014 Fall Campaign: behind the scenes


The Adventures of Tsundere!12 (and Clara) [Vol. 2]
(in collaboration with lotuskasumi)

—We’ll need someone with state of the art computing skills.


—My regular contact in London has forsworn the practice. Something about not wanting to go to jail. So we have to contact them.

"I shake it off, I shake it off I I I shake it off, I shake it off I I I..."

My parents are on a trip to NYC, so it’s just me and my sister in the house. It’s almost 2AM for me and my sister’s asleep since she’s a pre-k teacher and needs to be wake up early. I have afternoon/evening classes tomorrow, so I get to sleep in and I’m the only one awake. Usually I’d be in my room on my laptop, but since my parents are gone I’m in the living room and it’s just really nice. Like the house is quiet and this room is a lot bigger than my bedroom and writing is really easy right now. I feel like my mind’s clear and I can just focus on writing and it’s kind of amazing.

Emma Stone + photoshoots

"When I got the role, I realized the amount of responsibility it is in leading the show and not being a whiny baby. It’s incredibly empowering. I think it changed me as an actor." [x]