Not one word but two, Pharmacist Worker!!

“Are you here to pick up or drop off?” the (kind of ridiculously sexy, like holy shit, you can give me any meds you want) pharmacist asked.

“Uh, pick up,” Stiles said, hands in his pockets.

He had been meaning to pick up his Adderall for the past two days and he felt like he was going to vibrate out of his skin. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking and he had been talking a mile a minute and he couldn’t focus.

Except for now.

Now he could focus on the broad chest in front of him and the perfect stubble and the gorgeous green eyes and the-.

“Name?” the man - Derek, according to his name tag- asked, his voice agitated.

“Genim Stilinski.”

Derek squinted at him before typing something into his computer. Yeah, Stiles wouldn’t believe that was a real name either.

“Just one for Genim Stilinski,” Derek said. “Your birth date?”

“4-10-95,” Stiles rattled off, now rocking back and forth on his feet.

He watched Derek walk into the back, trying not to get too distracted by the rippling muscles and the fact that he didn’t have a chance since Derek now knew that he was underage.

Unless the guy had a thing for awkward underage virgins. Because Stiles could definitely work with that.

Derek came back with his prescription and then gave him his total. Stiles handed him the money and grabbed his change.

“You’ve taken Adderall before?” Derek asked.

“Yeah, it’s just- It’s been a few days and-.”

“Here,” Derek said, handing him the bag with the pill bottle inside.

“Thanks,” Stiles said, taking the bag and about to recoil his hand when Derek rested one of his on top of it.

“Just take a pill and then sit down in the waiting area,” Derek said. “You shouldn’t drive like this.”

Stiles nodded dutifully before heading to the waiting area where there was a water fountain, feeling Derek’s eyes on him the entire time.

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